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  • AZ1132 AirZone Fibre Wick Refill

    Product Code: AZ1132

    • Able to fit in most of the market fan type dispenser.
    • Strong impact fragrance delivery system for those who like strong.
    • Premium fibre wick for long lasting fragrance with natural peel extracts and air freshening.
    • Up to 30 days usage life (Depending on Fan setting)
    • Using fragrance with European standard with international compliance such as IFRA, REACH & allergen.
    • 24 cans/ carton.


    Flavor: Lavender, Vanilla Bouquet, Orchard Blush, Tropical Mango, Floral, Lemon, Strawberry

  • AR1220 Multi Fold Dispenser

    Product Code: AR1220
    Product Info:
    – Stylist, Slim and compact design
    – Key lock system to prevent pilferage
    – Tissue level viewing window
    – Multiple wall mounting screw position to ensure flexible mounting position
    – Able to suit the multiple types of tissue paper (M-fold, C-fold, V-fold, Z-fold and interfold)
    – Able to fit 1 to 2 packs of tissue paper (Depending on tissue standard)
    – All part made from 100% virgin material to ensure durability

    Product Dimensions: 260mm x 124mm x 292mm

    Quantity: 6 units / Carton
    Carton Size: 531(L) x 371(W) x 305(H)
    CBM: 0.060 / carton
    Gross Weight: ±4.712kgs

    Colour Available:White
    Maximum tissue size: 240(L) X 100(W)
    Material: ABS
    Product Dimensions: 260(L) x 124(W) x 292(H)

  • AZ1009 HBT Dispenser Black

    Product Code: AZ1009

    Product Size: 135mm(L) x 123mm(W) x 274mm(H)
    Colour : Transparent Black
    Material : ABS
    Maximum Tissue Size : 125mm(L) x 120mm(W)
    Quantity : 12 units/Carton

    Carton Size : 537mm(L) x 457mm(W) x 303mm(H)
    CBM : 0.074 / Carton
    Gross Weight : 9.20 Kgs

  • AR1000 Mist Spray Dispenser 1000ml

    Product Code: AR1000

    Product Info:
    – Stylist, slim and compact design
    – Equip with refillable container with lid
    – Dispenser made from 100% virgin material to ensure durability
    – Durable pump system can last up to 150k press (liquid pump)
    – Soap level viewing window
    – Hidden keyless lock system
    – Optional transparent cover for easy soap usage level viewing

    Quantity: 30 units / Carton
    Carton Size: 533(L) x 388(W) x 482(H)
    CBM: 0.100 / carton
    Gross Weight: ± 12.46 kgs

    Color Available: White
    Material: ABS
    Capacity: 800ml
    Product Dimensions: 124(L) x 94(W) x 228(H)
    Type: Pump System

  • AR1008 Jumbo Roll Dispenser

    Product Code: XJZ-003
    Product Size: 125mm(w) X 100MM(D) X 96mm(H)

  • AR009 Pop Up Tissue Dispenser

    Product Code: AR009

    Product Size:
    113mm(L) x 80mm(W) x 127mm(H)
    Colour : White
    Material : PP
    Maximum Tissue Size :
    111mm(L) x 76mm(W) x 125mm(H)
    Quantity : 24 units/Carton
    Carton Size : 366mm(L) x 343mm(W) x

  • XJZ-003 Stainless Steel Toilet Roll Tissue Dispenser

    Product Code: XJZ-003
    Product Size: 125mm(w) X 100MM(D) X 96mm(H)

  • SL1123 Hand Towel Dispenser (L)

    Product Code: SL1123

    Product Size :
    272mm(L) x 131mm(W) x 385mm(H)
    Quantity : 6units / Carton

    Carton Size :
    550mm(L) x 390mm(W) x 395mm(H)
    Net Weight : 4.44kgs
    Gross Weight : 5.16kgs
    CBM : 0.085/Carton
    Material : ABS

  • SL1220 Hand Towel Dispenser

    Product Code: SL1220

    Product Size :
    260mm(W) x 126mm(D) x 292mm(H)
    Quantity : 6 Units / Carton

    Carton Size : 528mm(L) x 390mm(W) x 305mm(H)
    Net Weight : 3.27kgs
    Gross Weight : 4.00kgs
    CBM : 0.063/Carton
    Material : ABS